Crepe Myrtle Propagation

How can I use cuttings to propagate my crepe myrtle?

Luckily there are a lot of different methods you can use to propagate your crepe myrtle, all of which have a very good success rate. Crepe myrtles are quite easily propagated, so let’s take a look at the different methods.

Root cuttings: Root cuttings should be dug in early spring and planted about 4 inches deep. As long as they are kept warm they can be planted in pots or in well drained soil. The great thing about root cuttings is that they almost always result in successful propagation. Once you see the new growth, make sure to keep it well watered and give it enough sun.

Crepe myrtle hardwood cuttings for propagationHardwood cuttings: These cuttings can be taken from a crepe myrtle that is in its dormant state. You should take the cutting in November and it should be about 8 inches long. You can use a bit of rooting hormone to improve the chance that rooting will be successful but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Make sure that it isn’t upside down when you plant it or it won’t grow! When you plant it, about 1 inch should be protruding above the soil and make sure to keep it in a relatively warm place. Once you see some green growth, give it lots of water and sunshine.

Crepe myrtle softwood cuttings for propagationSoftwood cuttings: These cuttings are from green, new growth. A great place to get these are the suckers that come up from the base of the tree. Your cuttings should be about 5 inches long. Apply some rooting hormone and plant it where it can get a lot of sun. It will also need a lot of water while it gets established.

We also have information on how to transplant crepe myrtles and how to grow them from seeds.

Please remember that propagation of patented species of crepe myrtle is illegal without the express written consent of the patent holder!

Image credit: North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service