Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

Why is my crepe myrtle not blooming?

There are quite a few possibilities why crepe myrtle doesn’t bloom as well, stops blooming, or never blooms in the first place. We’ll take a look at the most common reasons why this might happen.


Lack of sunlight

Crepe myrtles love sunlight, sure other plants like sunlight but I mean crepe myrtles REALLY love sunlight. If a crepe myrtle gets even an hour or two of shade during the day it can affect how much it blooms.

Solution: Remove whatever is blocking the sunlight from getting to the crepe myrtle or transplant the crepe myrtle to somewhere it can get more light.


Too much care

Crepe myrtle with a do not symbol across itI know, it sounds weird but if you are caring for your crepe myrtle too much it can stop it from blooming. If you use too much fertilizer (crepe myrtles don’t need fertilizer) or over-water it (crepe myrtles don’t need much water), your crepe myrtle will focus on creating new green growth instead of flowers.

Solution: Stop pampering your crepe myrtle, don’t worry it’s a tough plant.


Bad weather

As I said earlier, crepe myrtles don’t need much water so if you have a particularly rainy summer your crepe myrtle might not bloom until Autumn or maybe even not at all. Crepe myrtles also love heat, so if it is too cold it also might not bloom until autumn or not at all. Lastly and this one is pretty rare, if there is an extreme drought it might bloom do to lack of water. Remember the crepe myrtle doesn’t need much water so the drought does have to be extreme.

Solution: Really the only thing you can do is water the plant if there is an extreme drought. Otherwise just wait until autumn and hope the weather is better next summer


Disease or pests

Sometime when a plant is stressed from disease or pests it can cause the crepe myrtle to not produce as many flowers. This is rather uncommon and if your tree is that stressed from disease or pests, you’ll easily be able to see the evidence of the disease or pest. The most common afflictions of crepe myrtles are powdery mildew, leaf spot, and crepe myrtle aphids; but other pests have also been known to attack crepe myrtles. You can find out more about diseases and pests that might be harming your crepe myrtle by checking out our “crepe myrtle diseases and pests” page.

Solution: Each of the different diseases and pests require specific solutions. You can find out more about fixes for bugs, mildew, fungus, and more here.