Crepe Myrtles

Don’t know where to start?


Crepe myrtles (also known as crape myrtles) are a hardy and beautiful varied group of trees and shrubs. The two main species are Lagerstoremia indica and Lagerstroemia fauriei. Almost all commonly planted crepe myrtles come from the cross breeding and mutations of these two species but just because crepe myrtles come mostly from two species doesn’t mean that they aren’t varied. You can find out about the different varieties of crepe myrtle and how to grow them below.


Types of Crepe Myrtles

Photo of a crepe myrtle flowerThere are plenty of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from when you are planning what to plant. There are crepe myrtle shrubs that grow to just 3 feet tall and crepe myrtle trees that grow taller than 30 feet! Most crepe myrtles grow relatively quickly, some more quickly than others. As for colors, there are many shades and hues of colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for a white, pink, purple, or red flower you are sure to find a crepe myrtle that you will love.


Growing Crepe Myrtles

You may be wondering how hard they are to grow. That is one of the best things about crepe myrtles, they don’t need much water or much fertilizer to thrive. They only things they need are warm weather and lots of sun.  If you live in a relatively warm place with relatively mild winters (US hardiness zones 7-9, some breeds 6) and have a place that gets a lot of sun you can easily grow crepe myrtles. Check below tips planting and caring for your crepe myrtle or if you want to know which you should use “crepe” or “crape”, the answer may surprise you.